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Notary Survey: What Issues Are Important To You In 2016?

2016 Notary survey

Today’s Notaries have to deal with many challenges. We’d like to get your feedback on what issues are most important to you as we enter the new year. 

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Jessica jensky

25 Jan 2016

Getting documents in a timely manner and borrowers being informed regarding closing cost. Not all loan officers do a great job keeping borrowers abreast about the loan.

ramon medina

25 Jan 2016

good info


25 Jan 2016

Getting paid in a timely manner. E checks are great. More than last minute notice when possible to do a signing.

Bridget Shea

25 Jan 2016

more clients. Becoming a signing agent.

Barbara J Vander Putten

26 Jan 2016

Slow response time when you call in to signing companies with questions. This usually happens after you print the docs and review them to prepare for the closing meeting with the clients. Very difficult to get your questions answered before you leave for the closing. Difficult getting paid once the docs are shipped back.

Teresa Harris

26 Jan 2016

Our shrinking pay vs. our soaring expenses. Sooner if not later most accountants will be advising their clients that they had better seek another profession :(

vera mccree

28 Jan 2016

Getting paid in a timely manner, more clients and finding out about other jobs that I can do as a notary.

Julie Richardson

02 Feb 2016

We need the NNA to support notaries by requiring annual background screenings of the signing servuce companies too. Too many of these companies pay very low rates, very slow and many have gone out of business owing notaries money.

Darrell Guynes

05 Feb 2016

When the new Closing Disclosure started, it was great. I was receiving loan docs 2-5 days in advance of the signing appointment. Now that things have settled down, I find that the I am back to receiving docs from title 2-3 HOURS before the appointment when the lending has advised that they released the docs to the title company 2 days prior to the appt. What has happened? Is someone going back to their old ways? Is it bad resource management from the companies? This is something that is most concerning to me.

Donna Caldwell

05 Feb 2016

All documents printed on 8x11. Do away with antiquated requirement of printing on legal sized paper.

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