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2016 Rescission Calendar Now Available For Notary Signing Agents

2016 Rescission Calendar

A new 2016 rescission calendar is available online from the NNA to help Notary Signing Agents accurately calculate rescission period deadlines this year.

For many mortgages Signing Agents handle, a borrower is given three business days to cancel starting with the next business day after the loan papers are signed. Every day except Sunday and certain federal holidays, is a business day.

For example, since Martin Luther King Day is a federal holiday that always occurs on a Monday, it would not count toward the three-day rescission period for any loan documents signed on the previous Saturday or Sunday.

The NNA’s online rescission calendar provides an easy reference whenever Signing Agents need to check rescission dates for a loan document signing.

David Thun is an Associate Editor at the National Notary Association.

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Dianna Lynn Hanson

18 Jan 2016


susan cochran

19 Jan 2016

This page addition blocks my reading of the actual page...why?

National Notary Association

19 Jan 2016

Hello. All of our Bulletin articles should be available to the public with no restrictions. If you've encountered an error that is blocking your ability to read our articles, please email us at with a description of the problem and what type of device you are using, and we'll try to help you resolve the issue. Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

Rose Manzano

19 Jan 2016

Its not allowing me to download the link

National Notary Association

25 Jan 2016

Hello Rose. We tested the link on our end and it appears to be working here. Do you have a PDF reader installed on your device?

Darlena Davis

19 Jan 2016

I am a notary, but happened to need escrow papers notarized for me personally. I signed on Saturday (ironically) and the notary counted the rescission date as the 20th not realizing it was Martin Luther King Day on the 18th. Would this error cause a problem with escrow that you know of?

National Notary Association

20 Jan 2016

Hello. You should contact your escrow company or lender with any questions on this topic.


13 Jun 2016


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