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How Do I Record Credible Witness Information In My Journal?

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My signer has brought two credible witnesses as his ID.  How do I record this information in my journal? C.E., Oxnard, California

Information about the credible witnesses should be entered in the section of the journal entry where you would record details about the signer’s identification. You will record the type of ID each credible witness presented to you, the serial number, issuance or expiration date, and the signature of each witness. This information may be placed in one journal line or two lines, if necessary.

Hotline answers are based on the laws in the state where the question originated and may not reflect the laws of other states. If in doubt, always refer to your own state statutes. – The Editors

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Lorraine W. Pereverziev

19 Oct 2015

Well, there is a bit more to this in California. Along with taking the witnesses IDs, you should also note for whom they are acting as credible witnesses in the additional information section of your journal. Furthermore, in the ID section for the person for whom they are acting, the form of ID should reflect the credible witnesses. And, while not a requirement, I still always get their thumbprints and note that they took the oath, e.g., "oath administered." Always better to overkill than underkill.


02 Nov 2015

This info is helpful since I am doing a signing with a Credible Witness today.

Leslie A Taylor

10 Nov 2015

This was helpful. I had a one of these on Saturday and I followed those rules but mine was also a X mark signature. I had the witnesses sign the document next to the X mark of the signer as well as print the signers name on the doc and my journal - I hope I did it correctly.

Donna J R ConneDo

10 Nov 2015

About thumbprints from credible witnesses in CALIFORNIA.... When power of attorney or real property is involved, although the handbook is definite about prints of the principals, is it mandatory for credible witnesses? Personally, I get prints. I'm searching for a mention in CA rules

Adrian Hendren

11 Jun 2016

Thought-provoking ideas - I was fascinated by the facts . Does someone know where my business can locate a template VT Temporary Event Notice form to fill in ?


15 Aug 2016


National Notary Association

17 Aug 2016

Hello. Please see the information in the article above.


22 Aug 2016

Is there a special acknowledgment in California for using a credible witness?

National Notary Association

23 Aug 2016

Hello. No, there is no special acknowledgment wording required in CA for use of a credible witness as proof of identity-you would use the standard acknowledgment wording prescribed by state law.

Giulliano Silva

15 Nov 2016

Actually there is a form, when I have one or two credible witness I have them sign and I notarized it. It's called the Affidavit Of Identity By One or Two Credible Witness it's a Jurat. Then I have them sign my journal and thumb print and whom they Identified on the information area.


02 Dec 2016

I have a health care proxy to notarize. The signer needs two witnesses that are personally known to sign the document. Which oath do I use and what is the correct format in the notary journal?

National Notary Association

05 Dec 2016

Hello Sierra. It would be the signer's responsibility to tell you what notarial acts he or she requires for the document. If the signer does not know, the signer would need to contact the agency that issued or is receiving the document for instructions. As a Notary, you are not permitted to choose what notarial acts are required for a document on the signer's behalf.

Giulliano F Silva

04 Sep 2020

I use a document that credible witness sign. It’s called, Affidavit of one or two credible witness. It jurar is attached. California Notary

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