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Name That Tune: Top Music Playlists For Mobile Notaries

Top music playlists for mobile Notaries

It’s time to crank up the dial and hit the road for summer. Here are your favorite musical picks nominated by our community of mobile Notaries who like to listen to oldies and NPR on the open road. On our Facebook page and Notary LinkedIn groups, we asked you to what kind of music you listen to during long commutes or on your way to a signing.

Notary Music Preferences

The next time you want to hear something melodious in the car or in the office, look to your fellow Notaries for their toe-tapping choices, which seem to fall into three broad categories:

  1. You prefer classical and gospel. Composers who received more votes than others include Mozart and Vivaldi, and quite a few Notaries also nominated gospel music, church hymns and Christian music. Others singers and entertainers who received more than a couple votes lean toward the “easy listening” categories and top picks, include vocalist Chris Botti and a range of country music.
  2. You really like talk radio. Nearly one-third of all respondents nominated National Public Radio as their favorite choice for news and world events when they are en route to a signing or on a road trip. When you are not listening to Howard Stern or “The Steve Harvey Morning” show, many Notaries are also tuning into a slew of audio books to boost their brainpower. 
  3. Rock n’ roll gets you through those long drives. More than a few Notaries mentioned that easy listening lulls them to sleep behind the wheel and may not be the best strategy for driving long distances. Nearly half the Notaries who participated in our playlist survey said, by far, that they listen to classic rock like Rush and Metallica to remain wakeful and focused safely on the horizon.

Here are some selections picked by our tuneful Notary community. Join us on Facebook and send us your own top picks:

“The Howard Stern Show, of course. Baba booey!”

“Good books on CD on loan from the library.”

“A good [rock and roll] drum solo will wake me up every time.”

“K-Love radio station, everywhere I go, all the time.”

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