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NNA Makes It Easy To Track Notary Legislation, Proposed Rules

Track new policies and access the Notary Law database using

The NNA has launched an easy-to-access “Policy Tracker” tool that lets you follow the proposed Notary laws, rules and regulations that could affect how you do your job. Whether it’s a law changing the fees you may charge, a rule establishing an education requirement or new wording for your notarial certificates, the Policy Tracker contains explanations of complex laws, rules and other valuable information.

How To Use The Policy Tracker:

  • Log into your profile.
  • You’ll see the “Policy Tracker” logo on the right side of the screen.
  • Under the logo, you’ll see two links: Proposed Notary Bills and Proposed Notary Laws. Click on the link you want to view.

A map of the United States will appear onscreen. Click on a state or one of the state abbreviations below the map to view a list of bills and requirements in that state.

You’ll see if the bill has passed committee, or passed chamber. You will be able to tell if the bill was vetoed or killed. You also can read the “last action” taken on the bill and the effective date.

For more details, we’ve created an NNA abstract clarifying each bill, but if you want to read the entire bill, go to the top of the screen and click on the full title of a bill to read full text.

Access The Notary Laws Database

This new feature expands the NNA’s legislation- and rule-tracking features. If you want to look at recent laws and rules that have been enacted, visit the NNA Knowledge Center, click on “News and Information," and then select “Notary Laws."

These state Notary Law summaries contain indispensable reference information you need to know, including statutory requirements, effective dates and more.

The new tracking feature is powered by StateScape.

If you have more questions regarding state laws and best practices, contact our NNA Hotline.

Nicole Dorsey is the Content Manager for the National Notary Association.

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Wanda Williams

06 Apr 2015

Thank you! This is an excellent idea!

12 Apr 2015

Is there some way for us to sign up for automatic notifications of new laws or bills by sending us an email notice. If not, then it would be a good addition to this service. We don't have time to be logging in all the time to see what's been added so automatic notices would be very helpful.

13 Apr 2015

Once again, the NNA proves to be an invaluable source of knowledge and information for the Notary Public. This is an excellent and timely aid - much appreciated. Many thanks!


13 Apr 2015


National Notary Association

14 Apr 2015

Hi Patricia. You can call our Customer Care team at 1-800-876-6827 and they can answer any questions you have about Hotline renewal and assist you if you wish to renew.

Michelle Riley

13 Apr 2015

Awesome! I really appreciate this. By learning about proposed legislation, I can contact my state representatives and let them know how I might be impacted personally and professionally. Thank you!

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