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2 more states may permit Notaries to perform marriages

Minnesota and Indiana have recently proposed legislation that would permit Notaries to perform weddings.

Here comes the Notary. Maybe. Two states — Minnesota and Indiana — have recently proposed legislation that would permit Notaries to perform wedding ceremonies. If passed, those states would join Maine, South Carolina, Florida and Nevada as the only jurisdictions to allow Notaries to legally join two people in marriage. (UPDATE: Maine Notaries will no longer be able to perform marriages as part of their Notary duties effective July 1, 2023.)

The measures are being considered at a time when the fight over same-sex marriage has been making headlines. Last month, a federal court struck down an amendment to the Alabama state constitution banning same-sex marriage.

So far, 38 states and the District of Columbia have legally recognized same-sex relationships, either by same-sex marriages, civil unions or domestic partnerships.

With the legality of same-sex marriages hitting courts across the country, it’s possible that more states will consider allowing Notaries to officiate at weddings as an alternative, civil ceremony option.

Potential business growth for Notaries

If that happens, Notaries looking to make extra income in these states could potentially add a profitable wedding service to their business offerings.

In Florida, for example, Notaries may charge $30 to officiate a wedding. They also may provide additional wedding services — such as flower arranging, food and beverage catering and reserving the wedding venue — for additional fees.

While you don’t need to be a Notary to add these profitable matrimonial services to your Notary business, many couples do search for a convenient one-stop shop for wedded bliss.

Do an Internet search for the phrase “Florida mobile Notary” and many of the websites you find advertise wedding services.

Officiate for all or none

Some Notaries have asked if they legally may refuse to preside over same-sex marriages. This question may take on greater significance if more states add wedding officiating to the list of authorized notarial acts.

In 2012, Maine informed its Notaries that they could not refuse to perform same-sex weddings if they perform traditional ceremonies.

In general, The Notary Public Code Of Professional Responsibility says Notaries should never refuse to perform a lawful notarial act because of their personal beliefs.

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Linda Wade

02 Mar 2015

I will not perform marriage ceremonies; I have always performed notarial services in a business setting, with exceptions when asked for friends and neighbors. Am I at risk to lose my certification and, if so, how do I cancel my certification if I am confronted? Thank you; I'd like to be prepared.

National Notary Association

02 Mar 2015

Hello Linda, Can you please tell us what state you are commissioned in?

Michell Adams

02 Mar 2015

Exciting!! Cannot wait!! C'mon Indiana!!

Lucia Borgman

03 Mar 2015

Let's go California!

Teresa Carrell

30 Apr 2016

I'm a Georgia Notary and I've read that certain states can only perform marriage ceremonies, is Georgia one of those state?

National Notary Association

02 May 2016

Hi Teresa. Currently, only Florida, South Carolina, Maine and Nevada authorize Notaries to perform weddings as part of their official duties.However, Notaries in other states can sometimes become wedding officiants through other channels. For more information, please see this article:


21 Jun 2016

Can a notary marry someone in indiana please say yes

National Notary Association

21 Jun 2016

No, we're sorry but Indiana Notaries are not authorized to perform marriages.

Sadie Diane hughes

21 Jul 2016

Can a notary perform marriage ceremony for stepdaughter in S.C.

National Notary Association

21 Jul 2016

Hello. Yes, South Carolina does not prohibit Notaries from officiating a wedding for a relative.


27 Jul 2016

I'm commissioned as a notary in GA. Can I marry someone in FL?

National Notary Association

28 Jul 2016

Hello. No, we're sorry but GA Notaries are not authorized to officiate weddings.


06 Oct 2016

Living in Illinois, can I go to Florida to get married by a notary, and will Illinois recognize it as a legal wedding?

National Notary Association

06 Oct 2016

Hello. Please see here for information on getting married in Florida:

Denise Griffith

28 Apr 2017

How about Massachusetts?

National Notary Association

01 May 2017

Hello. Massachusetts does not authorize its Notaries to perform marriages.

Migdalia Gerena

27 Sep 2017

I just became a notary and My sister was telling me of some state notary can preform a marriage ceremony I did look it up yes, only some state do allowed it.

Migdalia Gerena

27 Sep 2017

I just became a notary and my sister lives in Florida she does marriages that is why I looked up on line..

Bonita Morgan

05 Feb 2018

I've been a licensed minister in California long before I became a notary. If you are helping the couple personally write their ceremony or vows -- or helping with all the other little things that crop up at the last minute -- you will want to consider charging as an officiant more than the $30 allowed if you performed the service as a notary. If you're in California and want to make a difference in someones life, with or without a fee, look into a license that permits you to perform marriages. It's very rewarding (and I'm not talking about financially.) National Notary: Please consider totally overhauling this article to reflect the CURRENT status of the law you mention in the beginning paragraphs -- the article was written three years ago in 2015.


17 Mar 2019

Can south Carolina notary perform a marriage in Floida

National Notary Association

20 Mar 2019

Hello. No, a South Carolina Notary may only perform his or her duties within the borders of South Carolina.

Loraine Rhodes

24 Jan 2020

I've been performing wedding ceremonies as a Notary since 2007, though not frequently, just one or two per year and mainly for family and friend for free. I found it is a wonderfully personal gift. I've performed a few I was paid for, but I find those for which I don't know the couple are greater work as I usually tailor the ceremonies to the couple, not knowing them promotes greater work in tailoring.


12 Nov 2020

How about Minnesota?

National Notary Association

13 Nov 2020

Minnesota does not authorize its Notaries to officiate marriages.

Nunu Espinoza

13 Jan 2021

I am a notary in Virginia. II've read that certain states can only perform marriage ceremonies, is Virginia one of those state? Can a list of the states authorized to perform marriage ceremonies be publish?

National Notary Association

13 Jan 2021

Hello. Virginia does not authorize its Notaries to officiate weddings. Currently, only the states of Florida, South Carolina, Maine, Montana and Nevada permit Notaries to officiate weddings as part of their official duties.

Alejandra Halaby

22 May 2021

I am a NJ notary but i have a client in FL who would like to get married. Can i marry them in FL?

National Notary Association

24 May 2021

Hello. No, New Jersey Notaries are not authorized to officiate wedding ceremonies as part of their official duties.


17 Jun 2021

I’m a fl notary I have a friend in Arizona with Arizona marriage license, can I marry them in fl?

National Notary Association

17 Jun 2021

Hello. Florida Notaries are authorized to officiate wedding ceremonies within the state of Florida. However, please see this site for information on marriage license requirements in Florida:


11 Jul 2021

I am a Notary in Indiana, can I officiate a wedding?

National Notary Association

14 Jul 2021

Hello. Indiana Notaries are not authorized to officiate weddings as part of their official duties.

Kenneth Sullivan

12 Aug 2021

what became of legislation to authorize Minnesota and Indiana Notariesmto perform wedding ceremonies?

National Notary Association

13 Aug 2021

Hello. The bills did not pass.

Delphine D Jolley

08 Jun 2022

Just became a Notary for the Commonwealth of MA and is incredibly disappointed we aren't allowed to perform weddings. I was a Notary back in South Carolina and performing weddings was a joy! Looking for that legislation for the Commonwealth to change any day now...refuse to give up!

Mary Jernigan

10 Jul 2022

Has Indiana been approved yet as of 2022 to allow notaries to perform weddings?

National Notary Association

11 Jul 2022

Hello. No, Indiana Notaries are not authorized to officiate weddings.

11 Jun 2023

Just confirming Fl Notaries can perform same sex weddings legally

National Notary Association

13 Jun 2023

Hello. Yes, please see this Hotline Tip for more details:

Mary Jernigan

27 Jun 2023

How can we get the Indiana legislation to pass or at least look at allowing Indiana notaries to officiate weddings?

National Notary Association

29 Jun 2023

Hello. You can contact your local state legislator to let them know you would like your state to authorize Notaries to officiate weddings.

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