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NNA Chairman, Vice Chair To Address International Notary Leaders


Milt Valera

The National Notary Association’s Chairman Milt Valera will deliver the keynote address during a global gathering of the Notary community hosted by The Australian and New Zealand College of Notaries (ANZCN) in Honolulu, Hawaii. During the black tie conference dinner at Kahala Hotel and Resort on Friday, October 24, Valera will discuss the Notary as an important anchor in an electronic age and beyond.

The NNA’s Vice Chair Deborah Thaw, is also among the distinguished speakers and will provide an update on the “State of the American Notariat.” She will detail the monumental impact the shifting economy has had on the Notary community and how the American Notary Public Office is more highly regarded as a result.


Deborah Thaw

Representatives from Canada, Spain, Argentina, Australia and several other countries will come together to focus on “Engaging with the Americas” October 23-25. During the conference, the best and brightest minds from The Hague Conference on Private International Law, The World Organisation of Notaries, The International Union of Notaries and other organizations will present the latest developments in everything from eNotarization to the new relationship between civil law and common law Notaries.

These leaders in the worldwide Notary community will spend three days together sharing their insights on promoting high standards, best practices and ways to achieve their common goal of Notarial excellence.

Kat Garcia is the Content Strategy Manager with the National Notary Association.

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John Rogers

18 Oct 2014

I hope Milt and Deb also point out the increasing work load of signing agents and the disrespect, as well as, ridiculous fees offered agents for more and more expenses related to agent work (new technology, materials & supplies increases, utility increased costs et al). To be sure, we have more agents than are currently needed thus supply and demand is dictating fees, which are ridiculous in most cases! We are expected to purchase more and more expensive technology to "grab" jobs sent via iphones, email, and so forth which causes agents to disrupt signings, at the table, on busy highways, or ignore the notes and lose the jobs. Most of us work hard to do a professional job, but agencies throw out an assignment at a ridiculous fee and S.A.'s either take it or lose the work. Lenders, title companies and signing agencies (often those companies who pay the least and take months to pay) make presentations at NNA conferences and via the internet seeking new S.A.'s so they can intentionally pay low understanding and experience is that these agencies and lenders usually get what they want...unprofessional beginners willing to accept peanuts as fees. Numerous S.A.'s, especially those of us who are highly professional and experienced, are either giving up, accepting low fees and waiting months for payments, or take other jobs and accept only assignments from reputable companies which support a meager existence. Frustrated??? You bet! jer/oh

Cathy Betts

18 Oct 2014

Congrats to Milt and Deborah for their insight and wisdom in the Notary World. Always sharing their knowledge with the many countries around the world and the every changing legal standards of commerce.

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