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Motorcycle Notary finds the perfect balance of business and fun on the road

Jenn-Shelton-resized.jpgJenn Shelton is a Notary who loves the open road. Whether riding for business or fun across California on a touring bike, motorcycling is an important part of her life — and one that’s helped her network with signers looking for Notary services. But like many of the roads she cruises, her life has taken some twists and turns — often unexpected.

A longtime resident of Sacramento, California, Shelton’s first job was driving a forklift in a warehouse — but she decided she wanted to get out and see more, so she became a long-haul truck driver. Unfortunately, an injury forced her to change jobs after eight years on the road. She switched careers and joined the staff of a law firm.

“I was asked to become a Notary to support our attorneys,” Shelton said. “I notarized a lot of documents for clients — real estate documents, quitclaim deeds, powers of attorney.”

But while Shelton was no longer driving long distances as part of her job, the thrill of travel still called to her. A group of friends enrolled her in a motorcycle riding class as a birthday gift. “I got my license, and I was hooked from there,” she said.

She started with a sport bike but switched to a more substantial touring bike to be more comfortable on long trips.

“I’ve ridden through California, Colorado and Utah. My husband and I enjoy long trips — it’s great to get away for a while.”

She’s also met a lot of potential signers while out on rides. “I’ve gotten a lot of clients through the motorcycle community,” she said. “Every time we go on a ride, I meet new people. Often, someone mentions I’m a Notary and people ask if I can notarize something for them. I hop on my bike and ride to meet them.”

Though she has a full-time job in addition to serving as a Notary, Shelton says she still does a lot of mobile notarizations, and often shows up for assignments on her bike.

“One of the things I most enjoy about being a Notary is meeting people and learning their stories,” she says. “Everyone has a story to tell.”

David Thun is the Assistant Managing Editor with the National Notary Association.

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