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Men And Women Dig On Digs Differently (Infographic)

Here’s a clever infographic about the little things – like floor plans, outdoor living spaces, and curb appeal - that influence the big decision to buy a home.

Love is all about compromises. It’s interesting to know that 69 percent of the people surveyed have had a ‘home crush’ – a love affair with a house for sale that they came back to look at more than once, either online or in person. However, men and women gave very different reasons for their “crushes”. The infographic below by illustrates the different types of compromises men and women have to make when falling in love with that perfect house.

Have you ever notarized for borrowers who were obviously in love with the home they were buying? Share your stories in this week’s Facebook discussion.

Moses Keshishian is the Social Media Manager with the National Notary Association.


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