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Proper Fit For A Formal Business Suit (Infographic)

The business world has changed over the years, allowing for a wide range of acceptable, workplace attire. But there are times — such as a job interview or new client meeting — where a suit is the order of the day. However, many men hate the idea of shopping for a suit and tend to buy anything off the rack that isn't too constricting. The result can be less than impressive.

Real Men Real Style has created a chart showing the proper fit for formal men's business attire.

If you or someone you know has worn this type of attire and want to help prevent it in the future, share this article with your friends. Friends Don't Let Friends Dress Shabby!

Moses Keshishian is the Social Media Manager with the National Notary Association.

Bull Proper Fit Infographic 1-22-14

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20 Aug 2017

Wow! Nice Infographic. Thanks for sharing.

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