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Four Tips For Setting Up A More Efficient Home Office

Four Tips For Setting Up A More Efficient Home Office Notary article

Updated 10-17-22. Many Notaries work from their home, especially after the global COVID-19 pandemic. The following tips from business experts and experienced Notaries can help get your home office running like a well-oiled machine.

1. Get Organized

Organizational design expert Peter Walsh suggests color-coding file labels. Our minds are programmed to recognize visual cues quicker than labels, and placing files in neatly organized desktop accessories, rather than tucking them away in drawers, makes it easier to see and retrieve what you need. Create electronic files whenever possible, which saves room and eliminates clutter, and back them up using a hard drive or off-site Internet service. Clear out the clutter of extra pens, CDs or perpetually unread books by donating them to a local school or library. “Tidy your desk at the end of each day, revisit what you have accomplished, and write your goals for the next day,” suggests Notary Shalou Alberto.

2. Minimize Distraction

Any work environment comes with plenty of distractions — from social media to texting friends and family to gossiping with co-workers. But distractions are multiplied in a home office setting. The key is creating clear boundaries between your office and the rest of your home — both physically and mentally. Set personal office hours, during which you refrain from multi-tasking non-work projects, like laundry, bill paying, personal phone calls, or even walking your pet. “Keep the dogs out of the room,” advises Notary Lisa Holliday. Keep personal items out of your office space, and work-related items out of the non-office space in your home, says interior designer Jo Heinz.

3. Feng Shui Your Environment

Organize furniture to maximize efficiency and ergonomic comfort. The Mayo Clinic website offers a diagram illustrating proper office ergonomics. Arrange furniture with convenience in mind. You shouldn’t have to trip over a filing cabinet every time you print a loan package. Make your space comfortable and inviting by focusing on the right colors, natural light and other décor. Mashable contributor Amy-Mae Elliot provides more tips for sprucing up your home office.

4. Accounting Matters

“Do your billing daily,” advises Notary LaTonja Al-Hedaithy.When running one’s own business, it’s hard enough to receive prompt payment. Falling behind in invoicing and recordkeeping can hurt your bottom line, so keep close track of your accounts. Notary Jan Engels never lets receivables go over six weeks. Establish timing that works for you, and stick to it.

Kelle Clarke is a Contributing Editor with the National Notary Association.


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24 May 2015

I am a member and I just want to read the article.

Sheila scroggins

17 May 2018



13 Apr 2020

In item #2 you advise: “Keep the dogs out of the room,” In item #3 within "sprucing up your home office" the first two photographs show dogs in the home office. ?????

Rosi mar M

24 Oct 2022

Very important

Rhonda M Casel

29 Oct 2022

Good tips for home office. I've worked from home for almost 10 years. It's not for everyone. Boundaries are so important in order to keep the balance between work and home life particularly when it all happens under the same roof.

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