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Five Tips To Boost Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Did you know: 75 percent of all Notaries use social media; what is surprising is how few Notaries are using it to grow their small businesses. Social media and Internet marketing expert Oliver Feakins and NNA Social Media Specialist Moses Keshishian spoke recently at the NNA Annual Conference in Austin, Texas, offering attendees helpful “insider” tips on how to maximize their web presence to generate new income opportunities, build client loyalty, and collaborate with industry colleagues nationwide.

  • Create Conversation: The average person is exposed to 3,000 advertisements a day, so rather than bombard people with ads, Feakins recommends using your website and social media accounts to spark dialogues instead. Respond to client’s questions, concerns and inquiries, or post related news articles and current events, such as housing market news or whatever is trending in your particular industry. Becoming a trusted source for information helps build your credibility and reputation.

  • Build — and Market — The Perfect Website: A website is only as effective as the ease with which customers can discover what you do, where you do it, and how to contact you. Don’t bury this information or make clients search for it, which are common mistakes made by first-time website marketers. Instead, follow the lead of NNA Notary of the Year Honoree Nathan Ganeshan. His website offers everything a client needs to know — his fees, his credentials, and how to contact him — right on the home page. Extend your marketing reach by creating a listing on a social commerce website such as Angie’s List or Yelp, which also offers premium memberships with more visibility. You can also offer discounts or promotions through Yelp. [Be sure to read all the fine print with regards to the cost of posting the deals.]

  • Solicit Positive Customer Reviews: According to Feakins, 90 percent of customers trust peer reviews, versus the mere 14 percent who trust ads. Ask former satisfied clients if they wouldn’t mind posting positive reviews and recommendations about your work to include on your website, social media platforms, or Yelp page. He also noted that 53 percent of people make recommendations in their Twitter account, so be sure to ask satisfied customers to “tweet” favorably about your service, too.

  • Tweet Away: Speaking of Twitter, many Notaries and NSAs wonder why they should create an account. According to Keshishian, the number one reason to join Twitter is for job opportunities. “Sign up for Twitter and do a search for ‘Need a Notary,’” Keshishian recommends. “You will find lists of people who are actively searching for Notaries. To get real-time tweets and for a more robust Twitter search experience, sign up for a free account and create a search for ‘Need a Notary.’” Also, be sure to follow the NNA Twitter page, where we share tweets from users in search of a nearby Notary.

  • “Like” Who We “Like”: You’ve heard of the “Six Degrees Of Separation” theory. When it comes to Facebook, job and networking opportunities are even closer, starting with the NNA Facebook Page. Want a fast track to finding listings of potential signing services, title companies and other Notary Signing Agents? Go to the NNA page, scroll down to the box on the right titled “Likes.” Click on “See All” to find a list of companies who have active Facebook pages. You will also find organizations and individuals who can help you with social media tips, useful apps for your smartphone, and a list of NNA partners who provide discounted services to NNA members.

Moses Keshishian is the Social Media Specialist with the National Notary Association.

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