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Secretaries Of State Gessler, McCulloch Guest Panelists At Conference

NNA2013Confthumb.jpgColorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler and Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch — two strong advocates for Notary education and professionalism — will participate in a special panel discussion at NNA 2013 Conference. They will join NNA’s Vice President of Best Practices, Bill Anderson, on Tuesday, June 4, to discuss the Conference theme “Knowledge 2.0” from a Notary regulator’s perspective.

The two oversee Notary programs that have recently added rules requiring first-time Notary commission applicants to complete an educational course prior to commissioning. Gessler also is noted for his work with the National Association of Secretaries of State to combat the growing threat of business identity theft. McCulloch, a strong supporter of best practices, sponsored a Montana law requiring Notaries to maintain a journal. She also hosted the first-ever Montana Notary conference last May.

In addition to this valuable panel discussion, NNA 2013 will offer a wide variety of educational topics and training covering all types of notarizations from “soup to nuts.” NSAs and those wishing to obtain NSA certification will find a number of the sessions especially beneficial. Watch future articles for details about other classes and seminars.

For information about NNA 2013, visit the Conference website.

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