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Congressional Proposal Would Allow Notary Services At Post Offices

MailboxThumb.jpgIf a group of Senators get their way, visitors to U.S. Post Offices may be able to get documents notarized and pick up a fishing license in addition to mailing packages and buying stamps.

Senator Al Franken and seven other colleagues have proposed the new legislation to help the ailing agency, which is currently losing up to $25 million a day. In addition to Notary services and the sale of hunting and fishing licenses, the plan would permit the USPS to ship wine and beer, products that cannot legally be sent through the mail under current regulations.

A number of cuts have already been announced in efforts to save the postal service. However, if it is passed, the Franken bill could increase revenues and possibly prevent the termination of Saturday mail delivery now due to start in August. The bill would also reinstate overnight delivery standards to speed up mail distribution, and it includes suggestions for helping customers better utilize postal Internet services.

Several other options to aid the financially-strapped agency have been proposed, and it’s now up to Congress to negotiate a final plan that is acceptable to both houses.

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