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Establishing Loyalty And Trust Leads To Business Growth

The most successful entrepreneurs are those who not only attract new business, but keep customers coming back. Greatest success comes from using the latter to create the former. Andrew Sobel, a nationally renowned business consultant and author on the subject of client loyalty, stresses the importance of loyalty and trust in a business relationship.

“Most clients vote with their feet. They don’t tell you they are unhappy — they simply start to give their business to your competitors,” says Sobel. The best way to keep customers coming back is to provide a level of service that inspires loyalty and trust.

This is true for any Notary entrepreneur, including Signing Agents. Amid an uncertain housing market and a tightening regulatory environment, you should strive to be the “go to” NSA for your clients. If your clients know they can depend on you every time, you’ll make yourself indispensible and foster the kind of loyalty and trust that keeps clients coming back.

“If the client views you as interchangeable with others, then you’re a vendor, and you’ll be subject to constant price pressures as the client continually shops around,” says Sobel.

A long-term relationship of any kind cannot be maintained without trust. “When trust is present, you don’t need to constantly check up on the other person,” Sobel says.

Clients who constantly micromanage you may not trust you. “You need to find out why,” he says, and then focus on doing the things that will change the clients’ perception.

Once you develop that trust, clients will be much more likely to actively recommend you to others.

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