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The Final 2 Days Of Our Notary Summer Games And The Eyes Are On The Prize

NotaryBulletinIcon612.jpgThe Notary Summer Games, running in honor of the 30th Summer Olympiad, have attracted 75 active competitors who have submitted 180 answers (some of which are quite unique). An average 4200 “spectators” are witnessing the festivities on our Facebook page each day.

Friday, August 10 is the last day to enter the NNA Summer Games. It could be a “photo finish” for the lucky winners so if you think you are one of the finalists, be sure to answer Friday’s question which will be posted at 9:00 am, PST. If you’ve answered just a few questions, or are new to the challenge, you still have time to get in as many correct answers as possible. The “games” will close at midnight on Friday. In the case of multiple winners, those whose answers were received first will be awarded the prizes.

Winners will be announced on the NNA Facebook page on Monday, August 13.

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