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States Issue Warnings about 'Notario' Advertising

Notario-Warning-sign.JPGA recent policy action by President Obama will soon allow undocumented Americans under age 30 to begin the process of obtaining temporary legal authorization to study or work in the United States. Many may seek professional advice, prompting several states — including California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona and Utah — to issue warnings about scammers advertising themselves as a "Notario" or "Notario Publico."

There are dramatic differences between U.S. Notaries and Notarios Publicos. Confusions over the legal powers provides an opportunity for dishonest individuals to take advantage of immigrants, often defrauding them of large sums of money. In addition to a monetary loss, victims of immigration fraud risk detainment or deportation if they have not received proper legal counsel.

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto has warned those looking for immigration assistance to be cautious of businesses offering a broad range of services such as tax preparation, insurance, financial guidance, visa and immigration counseling, as some of these activities may not be allowed under US laws. Notaries can help consumers by providing the NNA’s“What Is A Notary Public” brochure to interested parties.

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