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Conference Roundtables To Focus On Notary Issues Within Key Industries

Conf2012-logo.jpgThe National Notary Association has added a series of interactive roundtable discussions to its Conference 2012 program. The roundtables — scheduled to take place throughout the 34thAnnual NNA Conference — will feature Notary experts and industry professionals discussing frequently asked notarial questions, reviewing industry-specific Notary procedures, and providing helpful tips and strategies for Notaries working within several different professional fields.

  • County Recorders Roundtable: Hosted by a County Recorder Official, this roundtable will focus on the top 10 Notary issues currently impacting San Diego and Los Angeles counties, and it will also cover frequently asked questions for country recorders, such as those involving journals, signature and identification authentication, and the proper filing of oaths and bonds.
  • Healthcare Roundtable: This roundtable will focus on the critical issues Notaries face when serving the healthcare community, including advance health directives, powers of attorney, determining a signer’s mental capacity, and laws determining a signer’s end-of-life requests. It will provide useful tips and tutorials on notarial procedures common for healthcare professionals.
  • Estate Planning Roundtable: Notaries can play a key role in estate planning, and this roundtable discussion will explain the key differences between setting up a trust and establishing a will, and it will also discuss the obligation a Notary has in determining a signers’ competency before notarizing any such documents. The expert panel will use real-life scenarios and firsthand experiences to address some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to Notaries and estate planning.
  • Notary Signing Agents Roundtable: Led by experienced Notary Signing Agents, this panel will focus on several key discussion areas, including innovative ways to increase business and how to detect, prevent and correct common mistakes made by NSAs.

This year, the 2012 Conference Agenda has been color-coordinated to help attendees customize their Conference experience based on their industry and career level. You can find out more about the roundtable discussions, as well as other interactive labs, lively panels, and keynote speeches, at the 34th Annual NNA Conference home page.

Kelle Clarke is a Contributing Editor with the National Notary Association.

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