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Trusted Notary Protection Initiative Helps Alabama And Michigan Notaries Comply With New State Laws

The National Notary Association has implemented a Trusted Notary Protection support initiative in Alabama and Michigan to help Notaries comply with an unprecedented group of new laws to protect the public from fraud but also significantly increases Notaries’ exposure to liability.

As of January 1, new and renewing Notaries in Alabama are required to obtain a $25,000 surety bond — the highest in the nation and an increase from $10,000 — which means Notaries could face significantly higher financial consequences for any claims made against them. In Michigan, a package of eight new state laws establishes steep penalties — including potentially lengthy prison sentences — for improper or illegal notarizations related to the mortgage lending process.

“The National Notary Association applauds the efforts of Alabama and Michigan to provide greater public protections, but these new laws increase the potential liability for Notaries there to unprecedented levels,” said NNA Chief Executive Officer Marc Reiser. “We are dedicated to ensuring that Alabama and Michigan Notaries are trained, protected and supported throughout their careers,and our Trusted Notary Protection initiative provides that peace of mind.”

The Trusted Notary Protection support initiative provides a package of resources, including Trusted Notary training, unlimited access to the NNA Hotline and insurance. Because the Michigan laws apply to employers as well as Notaries, the NNA is supporting businesses through its Notary Supervisor Training program, which will help employers understand the risks they face and how to keep their Notary-related activities fully compliant with state law.

Michael Lewis is Managing Editor at the National Notary Association.

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