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Notary Bulletin

Hotline Tip: Misconduct Explained

Everyone makes mistakes, but for Notaries, when does a mistake rise to the level of misconduct? Read here and find out!

NJ AG Informs Notaries, Businesses They Can't Plead Ignorance On Illegal Immigration Services

Amid the national effort to protect consumers and immigrants from illegal immigration services, New Jersey Attorney General Paula Dow announced that complaints have been filed against four businesses suspected of offering such services illegally, and improperly using the Spanish title “Notario Publico” to trick immigrants into believing they were legal experts.

NNA Virtual Seminar Focuses On Trends, Regulations Impacting NSAs

The National Notary Association will host a 60-minute webinar, titled “Tracking Emerging Trends Affecting NSAs,” on Thursday, Sept. 22 which will focus on the economic, industry, regulatory and legal trends currently impacting Notary Signing Agents.

Hotline Tip: What Should I Do If My Seal Isn't Completely Visible?

When I applied my rubber stamp seal, I didn’t apply enough pressure and some of the wording was omitted. My name, commission expiration date, and commission number are clearly visible. Do I need to stamp the document again or not?