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Notary Job Openings Could Rise As Healthcare Industry Hiring Grows Steadily

Over the past year the healthcare industry has been one of the few professional sectors to see steady job growth. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that job openings in healthcare administration and office support — areas where Notary services are in high demand — will see a major upswing between now and 2018.

Rapid growth in the elderly population is expected to generate demand for more than 3 million new jobs in healthcare, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Career Guide to Industries, 2010-2011 Edition. The Bureau projects that healthcare industry demand for receptionists, information clerks, secretaries and administrative assistants — all jobs where a Notary commission is often used— will grow between 13 to 21 percent over the next seven years.

In addition, wages in healthcare are predicted to increase by 22 percent over the same time period, compared to an average of 11 percent for all other industries combined. “Many job openings should arise in all healthcare employment settings as a result of employment growth and the need to replace workers who retire or leave their jobs for other reasons,” the Guidestates.

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