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State Agencies Ready To Assist Notaries in Wake of Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene struck hard across the eastern seaboard this week, knocking out power, disrupting air travel and causing massive flooding that destroyed countless people's homes and property. While the full damage toll has not yet been realized, more than 1.03 million Notaries live and serve within the nine eastern states most affected by the "once in a century" event, and the disaster victims that rely upon them will need help.

Notary officials in heavily affected regions — including Vermont, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Virginia — report that they have weathered the storm and are ready to help their Notaries get back in operation.

Many Notaries' tools, records or other notarial supplies may have been lost or damaged amid the hurricane's aftermath. If you suffered these losses, contact your state's Notary Regulating Authority for guidance and to report the loss of any official tools or records, as is generally required by state law.

Similarly, if you are asked to perform a notarization for a victim or a member of the public but cannot, also direct them to contact your state's Notary Regulating Authority for help in finding a fully-equipped Notary in your jurisdiction. A list of Notary Regulating Offices in states affected by the storm follows.


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Angela Valentinetti

28 Nov 2023

Please update your website for Vermont. Notary public questions should be directed to Office of Secretary of State, Office of Professional Regulation, 1-802-828-1505.

National Notary Association

30 Nov 2023

Hello. Can you please provide the link to the page on our website you are referencing, please?

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