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NNA Launches New 'Notary Supervisor Training' Program

The National Notary Association has announced the launch of a new Notary Supervisor Training Program, a course specifically designed for managers, supervisors and employers of Notaries. This course will help organizations effectively manage their Notaries as well as better understand how to document best practices, ensure compliance, avoid exposure to liabilities caused by notarial error or misconduct.

As employers of Notaries, organizations themselves can be held accountable for the actions of their Notaries. As the recent foreclosure documents crisis within the mortgage industry has illustrated, it’s never been more important for organizations to implement control and compliance procedures with the Notaries they employ.

“Strong notarial practices and procedures can help organizations that employ Notaries reduce risk and protect their reputations,” said Marc Reiser, the National Notary Association’s Chief Executive Officer. “Notary Supervisor Training allows organizations to access the National Notary Association’s world-class notarial resources to build that competency from the comfort of their own offices.”

The Notary Supervisor Training program, which was officially launched at the 33rd Annual NNA Conference in Las Vegas, offers managers and supervisors the training necessary to establish an effective Notary management program providing Notaries with strong in-house practices and procedures. The course includes an overview of what Notaries are and what they do, an overview of state Notary laws and regulations, how proper supervision of Notaries benefits a business, and steps for developing sound policies for managing Notaries in the workplace.

Upon completion of the Notary Supervisor Training, organizations will be empowered to:

  • Assess, develop, and implement written policies and procedures for managing staff Notaries
  • Supervise staff Notaries according to company policies and procedures
  • Perform a basic service review for each Notary
  • Track the status of Notaries’ commissions, bonds, and insurance policies
  • Oversee internal and external education and training for Notary staff

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