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'Free Hotline Friday' Available This Week

The National Notary Association's 'Free Hotline Friday' was a hit with Notaries last week, and on this Friday, May 6, the NNA will again open up its high-demand “Notary Hotline” to all Notaries — regardless of membership — to answer your notarial questions and guide you through difficult circumstances.

The “Free NNA Hotline Friday” program will be held Friday, May 6, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and you are invited to call our expert counselors about any questions regarding notarization at (877) 788-6272.

The Notary Hotline is one of the most valued resources for members, and has been dubbed a “life saver” by many callers. Our expert counselors are versed in every state law, ethics and best practices, and can provide guidance on any situation involving notarization. Whether you need to find out how to Notarize an international document or if a particular ID is acceptable, the Association’s Hotline staff is here to help.

For further details, please visit the “Free NNA Hotline Friday” information page.

Frequently asked Hotline questions from last Friday include:

  • Is a Matricular Consular acceptable identification for California?
  • Can I notarize for a family member?
  • Can I notarize a Will in New York?

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16 Dec 2016

What is required for a notarization to be recognized in Canada?

National Notary Association

19 Dec 2016

Hello. Please see this article about authenticating notarized documents that will be sent to other countries for more information: Also, please be aware that the signer is responsible for determining if authentication or an apostille is needed, not the Notary.

26 Feb 2017

Hi, this is a follow up to a question that I submitting earlier today. I saw that NY law doesn't seem to allow for the "acknowledgment" of a marriage, but does that mean it allows for an oath or affidavit? If the latter is true, does that mean a notarized marriage certificate is possible? Thank you for your help.

National Notary Association

28 Feb 2017

Hello. New York Notaries are not authorized to perform marriage ceremonies. Whether a marriage certificate requires notarization or not would be decided by the agency that issues the certificate-that is not a determination that a Notary is authorized to make.

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