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Training Is The Foundation For Advancing Your Career

Whether you seek to expand your knowledge in your chosen vocation, or ensure you comply with Notary laws and best practices, training is essential to advancing your career. The Financial & Corporate Services Section spoke withCarolyn Barton, assistant vice president and Notary at Glacier Bank in Kalispell, Montana, about issues surrounding training.

What kind of personal skills does a Notary in the financial industry need?
I think good customer skills are the most important, but it’s also important to be confident enough to be able to say “no” if someone requests an inappropriate notarial act.

Is a college degree required?
It’s not mandatory when starting out, but to advance in a financial career you will want to study disciplines like accounting, finance or business. Many banks offer training in different specialties such as consumer lending, commercial lending or other areas once you are hired. Many of these courses are offered online today by accredited sources so that you can work during business hours and take classes at home. Some community colleges also offer bank-related courses.

Where do you most find Notaries inside financial institutions?
Notaries are assigned to many areas, and there are a lot of them. They are administrative assistants in a variety of departments, and there are large concentrations of Notaries in new accounts and loan departments, to provide a few examples. You will always find a lot of positions for Notaries in a loan department because there are countless documents that need to be notarized.

How important is training on federal rules and regulations for financial institution employees?
No matter what area or division you work in, adhering to federal regulations in your area is very important. In general most bank or financial institution employees must take some classes to verify that they are trained in the laws that apply to them. We hold annual classes for our employees, because it’s extremely important for both the employee, and the company, that these laws are adhered to.

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