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Notary Bulletin

Five Simple Ways To Market Your Notary Services

Marketing campaigns can have a significant impact on your business endeavors, and help achieve results. But many entrepreneurs don’t have the resources to implement them. Here are a few inexpensive, but effective, strategies for penetrating your key market:

Volunteer In Your Community: Volunteering is a sure-fire way to boost your reputation in your market. When people get to know you while working on volunteer activities, such as Meals on Wheels or a local school project, they’ll remember you when it comes to business. Commissioned Notaries already have a ready-made community service opportunity: Notarizing at no charge for local persons in need.

Professional/Business Groups: Participation in local professional or business organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce, provides opportunities to network and cement your reputation with other local enterprises.

Social Networking: Creating profiles on social networking sights, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, provide you access to a national and global audience. Be sure to maintain a professional image, and don’t post personal comments, images and links that might offend or drive away customers.

Web Page/Blogging: A Web page with your business and contact information is a good way to attract the attention of those seeking Notaries online. To provide information and news to your constituents, a personal, business-related blog is easy and inexpensive to set up. When you post, it’s a good idea to have something worth announcing, such as a new service or certification. A blog can also be used to answer questions from constituents about your services, or you also could comment on a current event that is relevant to your business.

Here’s My Card: Always carry physical business cards, or vCards, to deliver to potential customers — you never know when you might meet someone who needs your services. Cards are an inexpensive way to advertise and are available through many sources.

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