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Coolidge Book Matters To Notaries, Nation

The National Notary Association's new book Why Coolidge Matters: How Civility in Politics Can Bring a Nation Togetherhas received national recognition for its urgent call for civility and integrity in politics and society.

The book reintroduces America to the legacy of Calvin Coolidge, and to the importance of Notaries Public. As the only U.S. President sworn into office by a Notary, Coolidge is renown for his civility, integrity, impartiality and unflappable bipartisanship a legacy that exemplifies the core principles of Notaries.

The most significant sign of the books impact came August 13 when the Fox News Channels Glenn Beck show devoted an entire hour discussing Coolidge, featuring author and historian Amity Shlaes, who contributed an essay to the volume. Subsequently, Why Coolidge Matters was listed on Beck's must read book list.

The NNA and the book have also been featured in newspapers and magazines, and in television and radio markets from coast to coast. Why Coolidge Matters was released on August 3 when the NNA officially presented the book to the Library of Congress. Joining NNA President Milt Valera and Executive Director Michael Robinson were Christopher Coolidge Jeter, the great grandson of the 30th President; Vermont Governor Jim Douglas and Senator Patrick Leahy from Vermont. Each lauded the importance of Notaries, the leadership of the NNA and the enduring legacy of Coolidge.

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