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Utah Governor Vetoes Bill That Watered Down Testing Requirements

Utah’s governor struck down a bill that would have lowered educational standards for the state’s Notaries and increased dangers to the public resulting from poor training.

Senate Bill 22 would have ended a requirement that candidates for a Notary commission pass a written test of laws and procedures, an important step in ensuring that they understand their duties and responsibilities. Gov. Gary Herbert vetoed the bill on March 31.

Instead of passing the test, candidates for a commission would only have to sign a statement that said they had read an informational booklet provided to them. Signing a statement is no substitute for passing an examination, which measures the candidate’s retention of the information and understanding of its application in the real world.

Notaries play a key role in preventing fraud, and their duties can be complex. This responsibility should be accompanied by stringent requirements for education and training to ensure that the public is protected from those intent on committing property crimes.

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