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Hotline Tip: Obtaining And Filing A Bond

A Notary bond — often required by state law — is a written guarantee that payment will be made up to a certain amount to cover losses caused by a Notary’s misconduct. It protects the public and any amount paid must be reimbursed by the Notary.

To purchase a bond, you have to pay the bonding company, or surety, a premium — usually about one percent of the bond’s dollar guarantee. The bond term is written to coincide exactly with your term of office. Before or shortly after the commission starting date, depending on state law, you must file the bond with a designated public agency, typically the county clerk of the county where your residence or offices are located.

In many cases, you will have the option of filing the bond either in person or via the U.S. mail.

For information on obtaining a bond through the NNA, visit the NNA Web site.

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