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Poll: Liability Is Top Concern For U.S. Notaries

In the November 2009 issue of The National Notary magazine, we asked Notaries across the nation to join us in an online conversation examining the most pressing issues affecting you today. The Notaries have now spoken. Thousands of people took part in the NNA’s online poll, with half of all Notaries surveyed saying liability is their biggest concern.

More than 40 percent of participants rated liability as the most important issue affecting them, with education coming in second at 26 percent. Liability and education were given significantly higher concern than other issues, with new technology in third place at 12 percent, economy and other issues at 9 and 6 percent respectively, and public perception at 4 percent.

However, as one Iowa Notary pointed out, many of these issues are interconnected for Notaries. “I believe if the correct education is out there and available for everyone, the liability concerns will lessen,” the Iowa Notary said.

Several poll participants also expressed concerns about employers who pressure Notaries to perform improper acts for the convenience of customers and clients. “Employers should not coerce Notaries into notarizing documents of employees who are not present!” a Notary from New York wrote. “More companies should take the notarization of any document much more seriously.”

Here is the final breakdown of votes:


Liability 43 percent
Education 26 percent
The Economy 9 percent
Public Perception 4 percent
New Technology 12 percent
Other 6 percent


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