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Food For A Signature And Seal

WASHINGTON — The McDonald McGarry Insurance Brokers in downtown Edmonds have found a way to use the commissions of its five Notaries to help those who are less fortunate in these tough economic times. For years, the company has provided free Notary services. Now the brokerage is asking customers to ante up, not with money but food that will be donated to the Edmonds Food Bank.

The program, which is optional and purely altruistic, was initiated in late January after an insistent customer wanted to pay.

“We figured if a person is willing to pay us, they should be willing to donate to the food bank, too,” owner John McDonald told the Notary Bulletin.

There is a public relations value as well. “We are in a small town and want our business to stand out from our competitors,” he said.

Owners John and Sandy McDonald are both Notaries. The business has been family-owned and operated since 1954 and has a longstanding tradition of community service and involvement.

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