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Former Vehicle Owners Can Fight Traffic Camera Liability With Notary’s Help

TEXAS — Lone Star State residents have a tendency to forget to tell the state when they sell their cars, a lapse that often comes with a hefty price. That’s because vehicle owners here are responsible for notifying the state within 30 days when they sell or trade in a vehicle. If they don’t, and the vehicle is picked up by a traffic camera for a violation, the former owner can be held liable. But Forth Worth and Arlington residents can submit a notarized affidavit to solve the problem.

Both cities — which operate traffic safety cameras — allow former car owners to submit a notarized “Affidavit of Non-Liability” if a vehicle is stolen, part of a rental or leasing service, or outside the former owner’s control for some other reason. The affidavit must be notarized and submitted before the due date on the official violation notice.

Affidavits of Non-Liability can be found online at To access the site, a former vehicle owner must enter a notice and PIN number found on the notification document.

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