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Your Favorite, Funny Notary Animal Stories

funny Notary animal stories

Ah, the mysterious life of a Notary Public. Never quite sure exactly what the day will bring, the following Notaries had strange and surprising animal stories to share with the NNA via social media and our community boards.

Watching a small goldfish swim around an aquarium is fairly innocuous, and so, too, is the sweet, sleeping mutt snoring at your feet during a signing. But a spitting camel or a tangle of hissing cats can totally throw off your professional pace and mindset.

Unexpected Animal Encounters

Here’s what our lively Notary community had to say on social media about their oddest animal experiences:

“The weirdest experience I ever had occurred when signers had multiple birds flying around – but not in a cage – they were actually flying overhead and all around the house while we worked. A bird actually pooped on the table where we were signing… it was gross.”

“A beagle ran off with my thumbprint ink pad in the middle of a trust signing. He stole it right out of my Notary bag.”

“I once taught a Notary seminar and noticed a woman holding a small dog in her lap for the entire six-hour training. I don’t think anyone else noticed.”

“A few years back, one signer had two huge black pigs (at least 200 pounds each) in the house, guarding the door. Funny thing is that we were signing in a city, not on a farm somewhere.”

“There was a huge yellow pet snake staring at me the whole time in the dining room where we were signing. I was happy to finally get out of there.” 

“I often ask that all dogs be locked up or put away before I enter a house, but there was this huge Great Dane who tried to sit on my lap during the whole signing, sweet as pie. That was hysterical.”

“We recently had a tiny nine-week-old kitten attend our signing at a title company. He walked all over the table, approving each document and playing nonstop with paper and pens, making us laugh the whole time. That kitten was a huge hit.”

If you have any witty or bizarre animal stories, add your comments to our Facebook page.

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01 Jun 2015

I had set my bag on the floor during the signing and when I picked it up it was very heavy. I looked inside and the familys' cat was sound asleep. Eep

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