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April 2014 Issue
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Study: Notary Commission Valuable To Ranks Administrative Assistant Careers Positions High In Layoffs

A recent study ranks administrative assistants among the top five career positions to experience the most layoffs. Given the economic crisis, many companies are looking for job candidates with varied skillsets and high qualifications. One way that administrative assistants can provide added value to an organization is to maintain their Notary status and perform a critical risk management role.

Data collected by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) indicates that administrative assistants that used to support only one member of an executive team may now work for multiple managers or even entire departments. More than ever, employers are looking for individuals who are able to expand their job role and provide extra value.

Administrative assistants who are also Notaries offer unique value to organizations by performing a key risk management role. As the recent foreclosure crisis starkly illustrated, Notary misconduct or improper notarizations can place financial institutions at risk. Organizations that cut costs by using third-party Notaries are then less able to manage and ensure that the Notaries are properly trained and performing their role ethically and accurately.

However, employing an in-house administrative assistant that is also a properly trained and supervised Notary who can help identify and prevent identity fraud can help protect companies by ensuring that notarizations are performed correctly every time.

By adhering to state Notary laws and following the NNA’s Recommended Notary Practices, Notaries in administrative positions can help protect both their jobs and the public.

Key Points:

  • Administrative assistant jobs ranked high amongst those experiencing lay-offs.
  • Notaries in administrative roles add value to their role in an organization.

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