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About Cookies

What are Cookies?

Cookies are bits of data stored by your internet browser about a website. Websites then use this data from the browser each time the website is visited to ‘remember’ certain functions the browser had performed in past visits. The main aim of the NNA’s cookies is to help our customers have a better user experience.

At the NNA we use cookies to help customers who want us to remember them, to stay logged into our sites, so you aren’t always required to remember a password. We also use cookies to remember items that have been added to your shopping cart.

The NNA's Cookie Policy

To be able to order courses or to purchase products from the NNA, you will need to have cookies enabled. If you do not enable cookies, you will still be able to browse our site but will not be able to add anything to your cart, place an order, or access your My NNA profile.

We don't store any credit card details in cookies or any information to identify you personally. We do use information gathered from some cookies to help improve your experience. For example, some of the cookies we use ultimately help us identify potential areas of our site that customers may find difficult to interact with or find confusing and in turn either leave the website or drop out of making a transaction. If we are able to identify these areas, it means we are able to improve them for our customers.

This information is being provided to ensure that the NNA is being transparent about our use of cookies and to make it clear how we use the information we collect.

Third Party Cookies

On the NNA website we allow our users to conveniently be able to share information about products of interest via different platforms such as Twitter and Facebook or even by a simple email. The functionality has been created by the companies themselves and provided to us to display on our site. By using these functions there may be cookies being created or updated on your machine that are not set by the NNA but by these third parties. Because we don’t control the settings of these cookies, please check third party websites for more information.

For more information on cookies and how to manage them visit Please note that is not an NNA website and the NNA cannot be responsible/accountable for content on third party websites.

You can read our complete Privacy Policy here.