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About Notaries Public

What is a Notary Public?

Learn what a Notary Public is and what they do.

Why Become a Notary?

Five reasons why you should pursue your Notary Public commission.

Being a Public Official

Discover what it means to be a Public Official.

What is Notarization?

Find the definition of notarization plus the most common notarial acts here.

Notary History

A brief history of the traditional Notary.

Notaries and Notarios

Find out the difference between a Notary and Notario.

Becoming a Notary Public


How to Become a Notary

Step-by-step guide on becoming a traditional Notary Public in your state, including training and exam requirements.

How to Renew Your Notary Commission

Take these steps to renew your Notary commission before it expires.


Stamp/Seal Information

Your guide to all things Notary stamps/seals and embossers – from how to use one to cleaning tips.

Notary Forms

Find your state's Notary application and other forms here.

Notary Public Resources

Tips and Tutorials

Deepen your Notary knowledge with these articles.

Building Your Notary Business

Learn how you can level up your Notary business.

Notary Fees By State

Find out how much you can charge for acknowledgments, jurats and other special notarial acts.