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November 2011

Celebrating the 2010 Notary of the Year: Daniel Lewis

Celebrating the 2010 Notary of the Year: Daniel Lewis

When Daniel Lewis of Carmel, Indiana, was named the National Notary Association’s 2010 Notary of the Year, he was already a successful Notary Signing Agent and Notary educator. But since receiving the honor, business has really taken off.

Nevada Notary Found Dead Amid Tragic 'Robo-Signing' Case

Nevada Notary Found Dead Amid Tragic 'Robo-Signing' Case

A Las Vegas Notary caught up in what authorities describe as a “massive ‘robo-signing’” scheme was found deceased in her home earlier this week following a Nevada Grand Jury indictment.

Common law versus civil law Notaries

Most Notaries in the United States are common law ministerial officers with a strictly limited role very different from that of the attorney-like discretionary Notaries of civil law nations. But signers and the general public often misunderstand the differences — complicated by the fact that a handful of jurisdictions in the United States also commission civil law Notaries. In this article, the Legal Professionals Section compares the roles of common law and civil law Notaries.

Cuban Notary Offices Get Busy With First Home Sales In 53 Years

Cubans are increasingly seeking Notary and banking services after the government passed an economic reform law this month allowing them to legally buy and sell their homes for the first time since the communist regime came to power in 1959, according to Reuters news service.

FAQ: Alzheimer's Disease And Notarization

Alzheimer’s Disease is a condition that can affect older healthcare patients and impair their ability to understand documents. Here are some facts about Alzheimer’s for Notaries working in the healthcare industry along with suggestions if a signer exhibits symptoms of Alzheimer’s during a notarization.

FTC's 'Three-D' Approach Helps Notaries, Consumers Battle Identity Theft

As experts in identity authentication, Notaries play a key frontline role within organizations in preventing identity theft. But skilled identity thieves continue to find new ways to target the financial sector, and the scams are becoming far more sophisticated in the digital age.

Housing Slump Expected To Continue Through 2012

Notary Signing Agents and other Notaries working in the housing industry should consider expanding their notarial service offerings in 2012 because a slow economy and the ongoing foreclosure difficulties will drive mortgage lending next year to its lowest point since 1997.

Q&A: Safeguarding Paper And Electronic Healthcare Data

The Healthcare Professionals Sectionspoke with Charla Prillaman, regional director with AAPC Physician Services, an organization providing document solution services for medical practices, to discuss how best to protect electronic and paper-based information.