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New Notary Laws

Use this database to find updated Notary laws and regulations in your state or jurisdiction.

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LegislationJul 01, 2024 - Minnesota
MN House File 1830 - House File requires the school manager or owner to have their signatures notarized on a proof of completion for hair technician training completed at their school.

LegislationJan 01, 2024 - Oregon
OR House Bill 2329 - House Bill 2329 authorizes a Notary to notarize the signature of a principal on a document for appointment of person to make decisions concerning disposition of remains and declaration for mental health treatment.

LegislationJan 01, 2024 - Alabama
AL House Bill 101 - House Bill 101 pertains to the express consents or relinquishments for an adoption, which may be executed before a Notary Public.

LegislationJan 01, 2024 - Texas
TX Senate Bill 1780 - Senate Bill 1780 adds a new authorization for Online Notaries to perform online notarizations on tangible documents and specifies requirements for these online notarial acts.

LegislationDec 29, 2023 - Ohio
OH Senate Bill 131 - A controversial new law would allow Notaries commissioned in other states who meet certain requirements, as specified, to obtain an Ohio Notary Public commission or Online Notary authorization.

LegislationNov 01, 2023 - Oklahoma
OK Senate Bill 753 - Senate Bill 753 allows certain documents involved in a total loss insurance claim to be filed electronically instead of being notarized.

LegislationOct 01, 2023 - Maryland
MD House Bill 636 - House Bill 636 authorizes the Notary's business e-mail address to be public information and if the Notary doesn't have one, the Notary's personal e-mail address.

LegislationOct 01, 2023 - Maryland
MD House Bill 630 - House Bill 630 authorizes qualified third party to make a report, which must be notarized, concerning a victim of abuse for the purpose of terminating a contract with a utility and all future liability under a utility contract.

LegislationOct 01, 2023 - Maryland
MD Senate Bill 792 - Senate Bill 792 allows two individuals toregister a domestic partnership by filing a declaration of domestic partnership, which must be notarized, with the register of wills in the county in which the domestic partners are domiciled.

LegislationSep 01, 2023 - Colorado
CO Senate Bill 153 - Senate Bill 153 adds a broad authorization for interpreters to be used during notarial acts and provides rules and protections for the use of interpreters. It also raises the fees Notaries may charge.