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New Notary Laws

Use this database to find updated Notary laws and regulations in your state or jurisdiction.

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LegislationMar 31, 2025 - Michigan
MI House Bill 5207 - House Bill 5207 repeals the prohibition on surrogate parentage agreements and requires a surrogacy agreement to be attested by a notarial officer.

LegislationMar 31, 2025 - Michigan
MI House Bill 5214 - House Bill 5214 modifies the law regarding acknowledgment of parentage forms.

LegislationJan 01, 2025 - Oregon
OR House Bill 2531 - House Bill 2531 makes a simple pointer reference change to a statute that had been renumbered in two sections of Oregon's Notary Public statutes.

LegislationJan 01, 2025 - Texas
TX House Bill 4504 - House Bill 4504 makes a non-substantive statute reference change to the Government Code related to a Notary's exemption from the requirement to record certain oaths in their journals.

LegislationJan 01, 2025 - Oregon
OR House Bill 4020 - House Bill 4020 requires all applicants for a Notary Public commission to complete a course of study before taking the exam.

LegislationJan 01, 2025 - Virginia
VA House Bill 55 - House Bill 55 enacts new provisions for a pre-election withdrawal of candidacy and requires that a candidate withdrawal form must be notarized.

LegislationJan 01, 2025 - Georgia
GA House Bill 1292 - House Bill 1292 provides the forms of written ID that a Notary can use to verify identity for a notarial act and requires Notaries to keep a journal for all “self-filers,” as defined, and complete a training class pertaining to the duties of a Notary Public.

LegislationJan 01, 2025 - Colorado
CO House Bill 24-1248 - House Bill 24-1248 enacts the Uniform Electronic Estate Planning Documents Act, authorizing a Notary or notarial officer to notarize a non-testamentary estate planning document.

LegislationNov 01, 2024 - Oklahoma
OK Senate Bill 556 - Senate Bill 556 adds penalties for a Notary Public failing to comply with statutory requirements for performing notarial acts.

LegislationNov 01, 2024 - Oklahoma
OK House Bill 1547 - House Bill 1547 requires a settlement agreement on behalf of a minor to be signed and sworn to before a Notary Public.