The NNA Remembers Linda Bazar, Vice President And Chief Financial Officer

            Linda Bazar
Linda Bazar
Linda Bazar served as the National Notary Association's Vice President and Chief Financial Officer from 1990 until 2002, when she lost her years-long battle with breast cancer. We were deeply affected by her passing and, in response, the National Notary Foundation established the Linda Bazar Breast Cancer fund to benefit national cancer research programs — including the City of Hope — to help battle the deadly disease that robbed us of our good friend and colleague.

Linda Bazar was an important part of the NNA and helped shape the Association’s direction and economic growth for more than a decade, and was an inspiration and positive influence for everyone she worked with.

She joined the NNA in 1990 as Finance Manager, and because of her expert handling of Association finances, she was eventually promoted to Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the organization. During her time with the NNA, our membership tripled in size from 60,000 Notaries to more than 180,000, and Linda skillfully managed NNA assets through this period of remarkable growth through both good years and lean times.

Linda was known not only for her financial acumen but for her friendly personality and positive attitude. She encouraged those around her to stay upbeat in times of trouble and to develop friendships with colleagues. Her cheerfulness and determination never wavered, even after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She bravely fought the illness for four years before passing away March 20, 2002.

As we continue to fight breast cancer, we remember Linda for her leadership, courage and friendship. Each year more than 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer, so we thank you for your continued support and compassion.

“Leave behind any little worries. Tomorrow they won’t matter, and next month you may not even remember what they were.” — Linda Bazar

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