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Notary Bulletin


Bank Notary Accused Of Refusing Request From Atheist

By Michael Lewis on April 02, 2014 - The head of a group called American Atheists claims that an employee of a bank in Cranford, New Jersey, refused to notarize several documents for personal reasons, according to statements from the organization.

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Four Common Mistakes Notaries Must Avoid

By David Thun on April 02, 2014 - It’s crucial for Notaries to be on guard against careless errors. Mistakes on a notarized document can have serious consequences for signers, ranging from delays in filing legal papers to mortgage applications being rejected.

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Hotline Tip: Notarizing A Previously Signed Document

By Kelle Clarke on April 02, 2014 - Can I notarize an acknowledgment for a document that has already been signed?

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Notary Public Fees To Increase In Several States

By Kat Garcia on April 02, 2014 - Maryland and Wyoming have raised the fees Notaries may charge for performing notarizations, and several other states are considering legislation that would also raise Notary Public fees.

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Ocwen Financial Robo-Signing Settlement Is Finalized

By Michael Lewis on April 02, 2014 - Ocwen Financial Corporation, the nation’s largest non-bank mortgage servicing company, has agreed to substantial mandates involving the notarization of foreclosure-related documents as part of a $2.1 billion “robo-signing” settlement with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and 49 state Attorneys General.

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