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April 2014 Issue
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Notarizing During Business Hours

A Notary’s responsibility is to serve the public impartially, but they also have to follow the rules and policies of their employers. The following important points to remember about notarizing during business hours:

  • Clarify with your employer what fees you may charge and what business hours you are required available to perform notarizations.
  • Notaries have a duty to serve the public impartially and without discrimination. Generally, you should not refuse lawful requests for notarization from noncustomers during business hours. Some states offer exceptions or nuances to this issue, so check your Notary statutes to be clear about your duty during business hours.
  • Your employer may not prohibit you from notarizing outside of business hours or force you to relinquish control of your seal and journal to anyone else.
  • State law always takes precedence over employer requests. For example, an employer cannot ask you to ignore state ID requirements when notarizing for clients at your business.
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