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April 2014 Issue
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Boom In Healthcare Growth Could Be Double-Edged Sword

As the nation continues to rebound from recession, it’s the health care industry that has continued to lead the recovery, boasting steady job growth figures and offering promising career opportunities for professionals at all career levels. Despite the optimistic figures, however, some experts are concerned that rising costs and government regulation may put a damper on the long-term outlook for the healthcare industry....More

Smartphones Enable Information Thieves To Steal Private Information Faster

Privacy is a crucial part of healthcare, but confidential patient information is highly vulnerable to breaches if left unguarded — as seen last year in Miami where a smartphone was used to steal patient information from a hospital....More

Superstorm Sandy Doesn't Slow Down Healthcare Employment

Despite the massive damage Superstorm Sandy caused on the East Coast, it didn’t stop healthcare employment from increasing by 20,000 jobs nationwide in November 2012, and healthcare remains among the most steadily growing industries in the U.S. that employs Notaries Public....More

Don't Leave Sensitive Tools Like Smartphones And Journals In Your Car While On The Job

While identity theft and patient privacy breaches at hospitals remain a major issue in the industry, Notaries working at hospitals and doctor’s offices also need to be careful not to leave important work tools in their vehicles during the day, as thieves target parked vehicles at healthcare facilities, looking for valuable medical items to steal. Leaving an item containing sensitive information like a phone or journal in your car is an invitation for a break-in....More


Filing your annual tax return can be confusing for corporate Notaries. Here are some tips to help with your 2010 filing:

  • If your employer keeps all or a portion of your Notary fees, they are responsible for any taxes incurred. Record all fee information in your journal for backup.
  • If you earned anything less than $400 in Notary fees, according to, it does not have to be declared.
  • If you earn more than $400 per year from Notary fees, you’ll have to declare it on Form 1040 or 1040EZ as part of your gross earnings, but you are not subject to self-employment tax.

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