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How to find new customers for your Notary business without leaving home

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You can’t just stay home and wait for signers to find you and offer you notarizations. You have to get out there, meet customers and make new contacts.

But did you realize there are ways to market your business proactively without leaving the house? You don’t have to sit at home passively and hope for customers to knock on your door. One of the first places customers go to find Notary services is their computers or mobile devices. According to NNA data from May 2024, an average of 450,000 people search online for Notaries using the phrase “Notary Near Me” every month!

Using options like social media, a personal website, and online Notary directories allows you to proactively reach out and tell potential customers about your business with no physical travel necessary. Here’s how:

Customers look for Notaries through online directories

When someone needs a Notary, how do they find them? While typing “Notaries Near Me” in search engines like Google is the most obvious answer, did you know there are dedicated online directories for Notaries that customers also use to find notarization services? In our 2023 Notary survey, 12 percent of mobile Notaries and NSAs said they use Notary directories to market their business. There’s a lot of potential there for getting the word out to new customers!

These online directories help customers find you by making your business and contact information, areas of service and available hours easy to find. The NNA’s own directory,, goes a step further — every Notary listed at has been background screened, which provides customers with an extra level of trust and security when choosing Notary services.

To use these directories, you will need to create an online listing or profile that includes your business information. Some directories, and, also require a subscription or membership fee.

Reaching out through social media

Another thing successful Notaries have told the NNA is “Customers don’t look for a Notary until they need one.” What this means is that most people don’t have a Notary contact ready in advance. Instead, they usually wait until they’re asked to have an important document notarized—and then they start looking as quickly as possible!

That means the more people who know you’re a Notary, the better it is for your business. If someone urgently needs a notarization, contacting somebody they know who is a Notary is much easier.

If you haven’t already, use social media channels like Facebook, TikTok and Instagram to get the word out.. When that critical document needs taking care of, your family, friends and acquaintances will know they can turn to you! What’s more, if you do a good job, they’ll tell other people about you and you will get even more business coming your way. Don’t forget to set up a calendar to post on social media so that people will see your presence regularly and be reminded about your Notary services.

Your own personal webpage

A third way for new customers to find you is through a personal website or webpage. This can be a good option for customers unfamiliar with Notary directories or who aren’t connected to you directly through social media channels.

Just like a Notary directory, you can include information on your site or page about your business services, the areas you travel to for work, and your business hours and fees. The advantage of a webpage is that it’s solely yours. You can find more tips from experienced Notaries on marketing yourself through a Notary webpage and cost-effective options such as a setting up a Google Business Profile in The National Notary Bulletin.

If you don’t have a website or would prefer an alternative to setting one up, you can always share with people a link to your profile.

If you aren’t marketing yourself online, give it a try!

While word of mouth was the most popular way Notaries reported using to market themselves in our 2023 survey, the biggest advantage to online marketing is that it’s a fast, efficient way to let customers know about your business — and you don’t even need to leave home to do it!

We hope you find the tips and suggestions in this article helpful and wish you success in your Notary business career. And if you’ve found effective ways to find customers online, please share your stories in the comments section.

David Thun is the Editorial Manager at the National Notary Association.

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