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Egyptian Notary Plays Key Role In Mubarak Financial Probe

Egyptian Notary Plays Key Role In Mubarak Financial Probe

An Egyptian Notary was summoned to authenticate documents signed by the wife of Egypt’s former President Hosni Mubarak — documents that relinquished cash and property over to Egyptian authorities.

Journal Thumbprint Helps Lead To Murder Conviction

Journal Thumbprint Helps Lead To Murder Conviction

Two California men were sentenced to life in prison for running an elaborate murder and real estate fraud scheme — a scheme that unraveled due to a thumbprint recorded in a Notary’s journal.

European Union Opens Up Notary Field In Seven Nations

A recent ruling by the European Union’s highest court soon should make it easier to find a Notary throughout the continent, and the cost of notarial services will likely be reduced, according to official reports.

Federal 'Plain Writing Act' Designed To Provide Clearer Instructions For Signers To Complete Government Documents

Notaries are often asked by signers to “explain” or help complete government documents correctly when the instructions aren’t clear — not realizing that nonattorney Notaries aren’t permitted to advise signers about documents. But federal law taking effect this October may take some pressure off Notaries by requiring government documents to avoid ‘legalese’ and provide easier-to-read language and instructions to the public.

I-9 Errors Can Prove Costly

Filling out I-9 forms is a mandatory part of the hiring process, but failing to complete them properly can result in hefty fines.

Notarizing Healthcare Powers Of Attorney

Healthcare powers of attorney are critical documents for signers, and state rules vary greatly regarding how the document must be signed, witnessed or notarized.