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NNA 2023 Influencer of the Year: Mark Wills

2023 NNA Influencer of the Year Mark Wills

Get ready to like, share, and follow a juggernaut personality in our esteemed Notary community! We are thrilled to reveal that Mark Wills — a highly celebrated industry leader and the founder of Loan Signing System (LSS) — has been crowned as the National Notary Association’s first-ever “Influencer of the Year” based on the votes of thousands of Notaries from across the country.

The award is undoubtedly fitting for Wills, as he is widely known for motivating and inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurial Notaries, generating millions of views and engagements on social media. He has trained thousands on how to leverage smart tactics and strategies in building their Signing Agent and mobile Notary businesses.

Wills generously shares his valuable entrepreneurial wisdom and experience with more than 370,000 Notary followers and countless engaged users on his social channels, including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. On YouTube alone, his Notary entrepreneur training videos have garnered nearly 6 million views.

"I am so honored to win this recognition because it is an achievement voted on by the Notary community,” Wills said. “There are so many amazing community leaders, including the other nominees, that winning is such an incredible honor. My mission is to help one million Notaries public build a business they truly deserve, and I will not stop until I reach that milestone. Let's go!”

About the Influencer of the Year Award

The NNA established the Influencer of the Year award this year as social media has become an essential resource for building industry community and sharing ideas, wisdom, and strategies. The award recognizes a Notary who has inspired, mentored, or educated Notaries nationwide on one or more social media platforms. The Influencer of the Year is chosen by you and the votes of your fellow Notaries through our new nationwide voting system.

Wills is loved and celebrated by tens of thousands of Notaries whom he has trained and influenced over the years, and he is recognized as one of the highest-producing Notary Signing Agents in the country. But that recognition didn’t come easy, as he endured years of blood, sweat, and tears building his enterprises and creating an environment for training Notary entrepreneurs.

Visit Mark Wills’ socials:

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Over nearly two decades, Wills has conducted more than 10,000 loan signings. As he grew his business and learned more, he became dedicated to mentoring and training other Notaries, which led to him launching LSS.

Mark's influence transcends his courses, as he is the host and keynote speaker at the national Loan Signing System Signing Agent conferences, and he is a regular featured speaker at NNA annual conferences. Furthermore, he is a recognized member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, and his expertise has been showcased on various notable platforms, including ABC, Inc., Forbes, and FOX.

Additionally, he has been featured as a guest on highly acclaimed podcasts, such as Bigger Pockets, Smart Passive Income, and Side Hustle Nation, demonstrating his commitment to sharing knowledge and expertise with a broader audience.

In addition to his remarkable signing agent career, Mark is an accomplished best-selling author, with his book, "The Best-Kept Secret in the Real Estate Industry: How to Become a Successful Notary Loan Signing Agent," attaining the #1 position on seven Amazon Best Seller Lists, including those in real estate, home-based businesses, and marketing and sales.

As part of Mark’s award, the NNA will provide a $500 donation to the charity of his choice. Please join us in congratulating Wills for being named the NNA’s 2023 Influencer of the Year!

Phillip Browne is Vice President of Communications for the National Notary Association.

Meet The Finalists!

Ebony Locke
Ebony Locke
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Tiffany Myles
Tiffany Myles
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Elaine Wright Harris

07 Nov 2023

A hearty CONGRATULATIONS to our Influencers. You are the best! Enjoyed your words of wisdom today. Elaine Wright Harris

Tiffany Ann Rice

12 Nov 2023

Congratulations Mark, Ebony and Tiffany!

14 Nov 2023

Notary Excellence at its absolute finest. Thank you so very much Mark.


15 Nov 2023

Congratulations Mark. It's cool to see you get this and it's well deserved. I started back in April 2021 and Mark's YouTube videos were some of the best notary education material I came across.

24 Nov 2023

Congratulations Mark. I have some pix for you of Peoples Mobile Notary Signing Service. How can i send them to you.

Mary Jacintho

24 Nov 2023

Thanks Mark for all you do! Congratulations- Well Deserved!

30 Nov 2023

Congratulations, Mark! Well deserved. Congratulations, Ebony and Tiffany! Keep up the excellent work!!!

Magda Ochoa

03 Dec 2023

Congratulations, Mark a well deserved award, you have made such a difference in so many peoples lives including mine thank you so much!!!! and congratulations again!!!!!

Michael R. Wilder-NSA

20 Dec 2023

As an LSS alum myself, I can tell you all that without a doubt, Mark Wills is the absolute embodiment of this award and there shouldn't have even been a vote as far as I'm concerned. I say this because Mark HAD to be the winner of this award in its inaugural presenting. He embodies this industry, and in my opinion, the award should be named for Mark and given in his honor each year going forward! Mark is THE quintessential Notary who those of us LSS students try to model ourselves after. Mark is a long practicing NSA who owns his own signing service, so he not only talks the talk, but he actually walks the walk. There is no one else that I can think of that ticks every single one of the boxes one would want in selecting the one person who most represents us all and who absolutely irradiates the world with his knowledge and his passionate presentation. Congratulations Mark! Well deserved brotha! LET'S GOOOO!!!

Erin Foy

20 Dec 2023

Congratulations to Mark, Ebony and Tiffany! Keep setting that bar high!

Rosie Williams

20 Dec 2023

Congratulations and well deserved! Keep motivating and creating a positive environment. In Mark’s famous words “Let’s Go”.

Ricardo Ignacio

20 Dec 2023

I really think this guy is and scammer, I meet a lot of notaries on my are and all the ones that take the training and pay this guy all that money don't have any idea what there doing, they still waiting for the 10.000 dollars every month. I still belived this is and scammer

Dianna Hanson

20 Dec 2023

I am so glad to have meet you and had short chats online and at conferences! You are knowledgeable with a kind high energy spritz that is contagious! Congratulations! Keep up the great work, share the right information, and don’t ever loose that warm approachable smile!

christina m darden

20 Dec 2023

Congratulations Sir! Well deserved 👏

Lisa R Walker

20 Dec 2023


Sylvia L. Johnson

21 Dec 2023

Congratulations 🎈🎊🎉 Mark. Well Deserved!!! Your LSS is everything because you want everyone to be successful and the BEST loan signing agents.


24 Dec 2023

Congratulations, Mr. Willis! Thank you for sharing your expertise to allow others to grow.

Denise Floyd

08 Jan 2024

Congratulation to a man well deserving of this award. Congratulations to Tiffany and Ebony as well.

George Rodriguez

08 Apr 2024

Congratulations Mark!

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