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Notary Bulletin


Former 'American Gladiator' Now Uses Her Winning Spirit As A Signing Agent

By David Thun on June 11, 2014 - Few Notaries have had a career path like Kimberly Rogers of Mims, Florida. Starting as an Army veteran, and growing as a bodybuilder, a nutritionist and one of the stars of the TV series “American Gladiators,” she has taken her punches and experienced many ups and downs. Today, like many other signing agents, her business has slowed due to the decline in refinancings, but she stays competitive with the determination and drive of a champion athlete.

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Looking At Liability From The Lender's Perspective

By NNA Staff on June 11, 2014 - Lender liability has been a hot topic in the title insurance and settlement services industries for more than two years now ever since the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) came out with a bulletin reminding lenders of their liability for the actions of their third-party providers. The Legal Description magazine takes a look at some of the changes in this article.

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Hotline Tip: Can I Legally Force A Company To Get Documents To Me On Time?

By Kelle Clarke on June 04, 2014 - I have a signing early tomorrow, yet the company I work for has just informed me that the bank has not yet sent them the mortgage documents necessary for me to perform the signing. Is there a legal way I can force the lender to get me the required documents?

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NNA 2014 Highlights: Chase Honored For Forward-Thinking Corporate Notary Program

By David Thun on June 04, 2014 - JPMorgan Chase on Tuesday was honored with the NNA’s 2014 March Fong Eu Achievement Award for its outstanding nationwide support of its 24,000 Notaries.

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NNA 2014 Highlights: David Shean Named 2014 Notary Of The Year

By David Thun on June 04, 2014 - David Shean of Pasadena, California, was named the NNA’s 2014 Notary of the Year during Tuesday’s Gala Banquet.

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NNA 2014 Highlights: Veterans Converge In Phoenix For Complimentary Notary Training

By David Thun on June 04, 2014 - More than 100 veterans attended the NNA’s complimentary training program for former servicemen and servicewomen Monday, June 2, at NNA 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona.

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NNA Conference Returns To Orlando In 2015

By David Thun on June 04, 2014 - At the NNA 2014 Closing General Session yesterday, NNA President and CEO Tom Heymann announced that Orlando, Florida, will be the NNA 2015 Conference host city.

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Notaries: Is Blogging Right For You?

By Caitlin Dodds on June 04, 2014 - If you are a self-employed Notary looking to build your business, you may have considered blogging as a marketing tactic. But is it right for you, how does it work, and how much time will it take?

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