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Five Ways To Find A Notary Mentor

For new or relatively inexperienced mobile Notaries looking to get their careers started, Yoda.jpgfinding a mentor is one of the best decisions you can make. “This job is so important and so serious that no one should be sent out alone,” says Maine Notary Signing Agent Anne McBride, an active mentor. Whether you meet face-to-face with someone or establish an online relationship, it’s easier than you may think to reach out and find a mentor. Here are five ways you can get started today.

Check Out The NNA Mentors Network: The NNA has gathered a list of Notaries across the nation willing to mentor professionals. New mentors are being added all the time as the program continues to grow. Try to find a Notary in your state who can guide you through state-specific laws. A mentor from another town or state can still help. Arizona Signing Agent Kathy Fletcher, the NNA 2013 Notary of the Year, mentors newbies all over the country. Once you’re seasoned, consider becoming a mentor yourself.

“Link” In And “Connect”: Texas Notary Anna Giles and Virginia Notary Carolyn Wilson Ku used the NNA LinkedIn groups to find mentors. While Giles didn’t find a mentor in her small Texas town, she did find a Notary resource nearby who helped guide her on some steps to get started. Others have developed lasting, reciprocal relationships with local Notaries. All you have to do is create a LinkedIn Account, follow the NNA LinkedIn profile, then join the groups that best fit your needs. Also, consider using the NNA Facebook Page. Just visit and “like” the NNA Facebook page, then use the platform to reach out to colleagues.

Connect With Colleagues At Professional Conferences: Notary-regulating officials in some states (such as Alabama and Montana) periodically host conferences. The biggest regular gathering is the NNA’s Annual Conference. These are always great places to meet dedicated professionals in your field and create lasting business relationships.

Check Out SCORE: Many Notaries need help in with the business details of their profession. The non-profit Service Corps of Retired Executives is a great place to go.SCORE has more than 340 chapters around the country and offers free mentorship programs for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It also hosts workshops and other events.

Join Professional Associations: Research associations like the NNA or those specific to your field to see if they offer mentor programs or other networking opportunities that could put you into touch with others in your field.

Kelle Clarke is a Contributing Editor with the National Notary Association.

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