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Notary Bulletin

Hotline Tip: Can I Notarize Documents That Will Be Recorded In Another State?

NNA Hotline Tips For NotariesAs a Virginia Notary, am I able to notarize a document that will be recorded in another state, such as North Carolina? - L.U., Woodbridge, Virginia

A Virginia Notary may notarize documents that are recorded across state borders, as is true for notarizations performed in any state. It doesn’t matter where the documents will be filed, as long as the notarization you perform is within your jurisdiction and you follow the laws of the state where you are commissioned.


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Frances Rodriguez

26 Sep 2014

I'm a Notary in Texas. May I notarize a document for someone who lives in New Mexico?

National Notary Association

29 Sep 2014

Hello, Thanks for your question. Texas Notaries are authorized to notarize documents within the borders of the state. (GC 406.003). You would not be able to travel to New Mexico to perform the notarization, however, if the signer traveled to your state you could notarize the document in Texas, provided all other requirements of Texas notarial law are met.


17 Sep 2014

Im a notary in Texas and they are asking me to notarize an affidavit of gift of motor vehicle going to New Mexico can I notarize both the affidavit of donor and affidavit of recipient if they are both present of course. Its going from Texas to New Mexico.

National Notary Association

24 Sep 2014

Hello, Nicole, thanks for your question. We forwarded it to our Hotline team and here's their response: "As a Texas Notary Public you can notarize both of the signer's signatures, as long as they are both present. Make sure that the notarial wording on the document is correct and there is room to make a clear impression of your commission stamp. If there is no room for a clear impression of your stamp, then attach a loose certificate of the same notarial act. If there is incorrect notarial wording, then attach a loose certificate of the same notarial act. Only fill out the attached loose certificate, then sign, stamp and staple the certificate to the affidavit."


08 Sep 2014

I am a Nebraka notary, can I notarize a car title for Arizona when my friend comes here to Nebraska for a visit?

National Notary Association

08 Sep 2014

Hello Donna. Nebraska Notaries have jurisdiction to notarize documents within the borders of the state (RSN 64-101[2]). Provided the notarization takes place within the borders of Nebraska, the requested notarial act is one you are authorized to perform in Nebraska and all other requirements under Nebraska Notary law are met, you should be able to notarize the document.

Georgia Shumpert

04 Sep 2014

Can a North Carolina notary notarized legal documents to be filed in South Carolina

National Notary Association

05 Sep 2014

Hello Georgia, There should be no issues with notarizing the documents, provided they meet all requirements for notarization under North Carolina law. Thanks and have a great weekend.


28 Aug 2014

I need to have a document notarized for a divorce in BC Canada, but I live in Virginia. Am I able to get a foreign document notarized by a VA Notary?

National Notary Association

28 Aug 2014

Hi Patrick. You should check with the document issuing agency in Canada to find out what type of notarial act is being requested. If it's an act a Virginia Notary can perform, then you should be able to have it notarized in Virginia. If the act is one that Virginia notarized aren't authorized to perform then you may need to contact a local Canadian consulate or embassy for assistance in having the document notarized.


28 Aug 2014

If I am a notary in the State of Indiana and am asked to notarize a Wisconsin document for someone who is presenting a Wisconsin driver's license and, thus, presumed to be a resident of Wisconsin, can I notarize this document? The notarization would take place within the boundaries of the State of Indiana.

National Notary Association

28 Aug 2014

Hi Kyle. The Indiana Secretary of State's official Notary guide provides the following guidelines for identifying signers: "In the event a notary public does not know the person presenting the instrument for notarization, the notary should do the following: Ask the person for identification (driver's license), or Have another person identify the party requesting notarization. If neither option is available or satisfactory, the notary may ask the person to take an oath as to his/her identity. If these attempts at identification are unsuccessful, the notary may refuse service for his/her own protection." Since the notarization is taking place in Indiana and the guide lists a driver's license as an example of identification you can accept from a signer, you should be able to accept a Wisconsin driver's license as ID.


28 Aug 2014

I am a minor planning on getting a tattoo with my mom in Florida. I need a underage (over 16) document notarized to get a tattoo even with my mom there. Can I have the document notarized in Ohio or does it need to be done in Florida?

National Notary Association

28 Aug 2014

Hello Hannah, Thanks for your question. We would recommend contacting either the issuing agency or the document recipient to confirm with them whether an out-of-state notarization on the document would be acceptable.


25 Aug 2014

Hi, I am a notary in Virginia but recently moved to New York. A friend here in NY needs needs a document notarized. Am I able to notarize a document in NY state although my commission is originated from Virginia? Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

National Notary Association

26 Aug 2014

Hello Anna, thank you for your question. First, are you still regularly employed in Virginia? Virginia only allows out-of-state residents to maintain a Notary commission if the Notary is regularly employed in Virginia. (COV 47.1-4) A nonresident Notary who ceases to be regularly employed in Virginia must surrender his or her commission. Second, is the document is paper or electronic and where is the document going to be used? Virginia Notaries may notarize a traditional paper document outside the state's borders only if the document is intended to be used in the Commonwealth of Virginia or by the U.S. federal government. Otherwise, a traditional paper document must be notarized within Virginia's borders. The Commonwealth of Virginia has separate rules for becoming an electronic Notary and notarizing electronic documents. For more information on Virginia eNotarizations, please see

Danisha Reed

31 Jul 2014

Hi I am a South Carolina Notary can I Notorize for the entire state of South Carolina.

National Notary Association

31 Jul 2014

Hi Danisha, thank you for your question. South Carolina Notaries have statewide jurisdiction, so you may notarize anywhere within the state's borders. Have a great day.


30 Jul 2014

I am a notary in New York. My cousin lives in Florida. He asked if I can notarize his marriage license. Can I?

National Notary Association

31 Jul 2014

Hello Whitney, Thank you for your question. You didn't specify what kind of notarization your cousin is asking for, but there are a couple of possible issues based on the situation you describe. First, if your cousin wants a copy certification done, New York does not permit copy certification, either directly or by document custodian, for vital records such as birth, marriage and death certificates. Second, though some New York residents may qualify for a commission in Connecticut or New Jersey, a New York Notary does not have jurisdiction to notarize documents in the state of Florida. Any notarial act your cousin requested would have to be permitted and take place within New York's borders. Since it sounds like there may be additional complications regarding this request, I would suggest that you contact our Hotline counselors at with additional details and ask if they can provide further guidance for you. I hope this information helps you. Have a great day.

Denise Griffith

27 Jul 2014

I'm a notary in Massachusetts and a friend ends up in Connecticut at hospital waiting for emergency surgery but needs a proxy notarized...can I do it?

National Notary Association

28 Jul 2014

Hi Denise, thank you for your question. I'm sorry, but Massachusetts only permits its Notaries to notarize documents within the borders of the state-you may not travel to notarize a document in Connecticut. Your friend would have to ask a Connecticut Notary for assistance.


21 Jul 2014

I am a Notary in South Carolina. May I notarize a document that is to be recorded in Virginia.

National Notary Association

22 Jul 2014

Hello Brenda, thank you for your question. As the hotline tip above states, it doesn’t matter where the documents will be filed, as long as the notarization you perform is within your jurisdiction and you follow the laws of the state where you are commissioned.

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