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Notary Law Update: Increase in Notary Service Fees


State budget regulations require Colorado state agencies to adjust fees upwards or downwards, as the case may be, in order to sustain its programs. For most of last year temporary reductions in fees were in effect. Effective January 1, 2011, fees for Notary application filings and authentications will rise.

State: Colorado

Effective: January 1, 2011



Affects: Certain fees charged by the Secretary of State for Notary services


1. Increases fees charged for the following services effective January 1, 2011: (a) Notary application filing fee, from $5 to $10 if submitted online,
and from $20 to $50 if submitted on paper; and (b) authentications, including Apostilles and certificates of magistry, from free to $5.


Colorado has budget regulations which require state agencies to adjust their fees in order to sustain their programs. When revenues to the agencies increase, they are required to scale back fees and when they decrease, to raise fees. In the past few years, the Colorado Secretary of State has issued temporary fee reductions because its coffers were
sufficiently full to support the Notary program. This was the case last year. However, in the New Year, the Secretary is raising fees for Notary application filings and authentications. Thus, the fees for filing a Notary application will rise from $5 to $10 if filed and paid online and from $20 to $50 if filed on paper. In addition, the fees for authentications, Apostilles, and certificates of magistracy will increase from free to $5 per document. All other fees will remain at their current levels.

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