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New Notary Laws

Use this database to find updated Notary laws and regulations in your state or jurisdiction.

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Rule/Regulation Apr 24, 2022 - Arizona
AZ Administrative Rules (2022) - The Secretary of State has adopted amended remote notarization rules to support the implementation of Senate Bill 1115 of 2021.

LawApr 21, 2022 - Maryland
MD House Bill 576/Senate Bill 36 - These two identical bills remove the prohibition against performing a remote notarization on a will or trust instrument.

Rule/Regulation Mar 17, 2022 - Colorado
CO Administrative Rules (2022) - Amended Notary Program Rules give education course providers and remote notarization systems or storage providers the ability to obtain an administrative hearing before taking action against their approvals to offer education courses and remote notarization systems and storage duties.

LawMar 12, 2022 - West Virginia
WV Senate Bill 334 - Senate Bill 334 provides legislative approval of the Secretary of State’s administrative rules on electronic, remote, and remote ink notarization.

LawMar 01, 2022 - Colorado
CO Senate Bill 21-271 - Senate Bill 21-271 reclassifies certain criminal offenses by a Notary Public.

LawMar 01, 2022 - New Mexico
NM House Bill 180 - House Bill 180 repeals a statute effective just this past January that allows inspection of journal entries and recordings of notarial acts.

LawFeb 25, 2022 - New York
NY Senate 7780 - Senate 7780 makes a chapter amendment to Chapter 767 of 2021 related to New York’s permanent remote notarization law, delays the effective date of the permanent remote notarization law to January 31, 2023, and enacts temporary remote notarization provisions effective February 25, 2022, and repealed on January 30, 2023.

Rule/Regulation Feb 22, 2022 - Florida
FL Administrative Rule (2022) - A new administrative rule requires new notification requirements of Online Notaries Public and remote online notarization service providers.

LawFeb 15, 2022 - Massachusetts
MA House Bill 4345 - House Bill 4345 extends the temporary remote notarization provisions in force during the COVID-19 pandemic retroactively to December 15, 2021, through July 15, 2022.

Rule/Regulation Feb 07, 2022 - New Jersey
NJ Education and Exam Administrative Rules (2022) - The New Jersey State Treasurer adopts permanent Notary education and examination rules.