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Notary Laws

Notary Law Updates By State

Use this database to find updated Notary laws and regulations in your state or jurisdiction.

Notary Legal Case Designates a legal case
Notary Executive Order Designates an executive order
Notary Guidance Designates guidance
Notary Law Designates legislation that has become law
Notary Regulation Designates an administrative regulation or rule

LawOct 01, 2020 - Maryland
MD Senate Bill 1010 - Senate Bill 1010 enacts the Maryland Code of Military Justice and authorizes specified military personnel to administer oaths and act as a Notary.

LawAug 31, 2020 - Utah
UT House Bill 6001 - House Bill enacts the Uniform Electronic Wills Act and clarifies that a Notary is not disqualified from performing a notarization on a self-proving electronic will if the Notary is signing or named in a self-proving electronic will.

LawAug 28, 2020 - Missouri
MO House Bill 1655 - House Bill 1655 enacts sweeping changes to Missouri's Notary statutes, and adds remote online notarization provisions.

LawAug 21, 2020 - New York
NY Senate 8796A - Senate 8796A authorizes certain party designations and nominations to be acknowledged or sworn remotely pursuant to Executive Order 202.7 using communication technology.

LawAug 01, 2020 - Louisiana
LA House Bill 274 - Louisiana becomes the latest state to enact provisions authorizing remote online notarization.

LawJul 17, 2020 - New Hampshire
NH House Bill 1249 - House Bill 1249 temporarily allows remote notarization of paper estate planning documents during the COVID-19 state of emergency.

LawJul 16, 2020 - Delaware
DE Senate Bill 247 - Senate Bill 247 amends the Delaware Code related to notarizations during the COVID-19 state of emergency.

LawJul 14, 2020 - Kentucky
KY Senate Bill 102 - Senate Bill 102 makes it easier for clients or residents of a health facility to have their advance health care directives notarized.

LawJul 13, 2020 - Vermont
VT House Bill 837 - House Bill 837 codifies a uniform approach to enhanced life estate deeds in Vermont.

LawJul 01, 2020 - Wyoming
WY House Bill 5 - Wyoming will now allow residents to obtain a digital driver's license and identification card to supplement the use of physical IDs.

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